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During a visit, a Road Ambassador will present a lecture, as well as a video. He will speak about safe road sharing, about the importance of road transport in our lives and our economy, as well as his job and the careers in the industry. He will hand out free brochures on these topics. If there is sufficient space, and weather permits it, he will use a vehicle to give a demonstration on road safety, like blind spots, for example. Don’t forget to make an arrangement with the Association if you would like to have a trailer or semi-trailer brought to the presentation.


Driving with courtesy is an important way of improving road safety. Our Road Ambassadors, experienced drivers with perfect driving records, can show future drivers how to respect road safety regulations. A stimulating conversation that will benefit everyone.


Are you looking for careers to tell your students about? Road Ambassadors can talk passionately about their every day work and the careers of the trucking industry. They will take the opportunity to talk about the industry’s importance in our economy, and how our quality of life depends on it. They will be able to support their presentation by giving a practical demonstration of his own trailer or semi-trailer.

To setup a free visit from one of our Road Ambassadors, please contact:

Mrs. Lise Gaulin
Phone: (514) 932-0377, extension 217



We have created a guide intended for school guidance counsellors. All the careers of Quebec’s trucking industry can be found in this guide, which will help you prepare to meet your students.

What you will find in this guide:

  • General characteristics of every job type
  • Job descriptions
  • Related job titles
  • Training required
  • Employment requirements
  • Employment prospects
  • Task descriptions
  • Job requirements
  • Training institutions
  • Future outlook

If you would like to receive a copy of this guide, send an email to, and we’ll mail you a hard copy.

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