Thousands of people and opportunities

The products you use and consume every day don’t magically appear on store shelves. People like you manage, coordinate, and transport raw materials and consumer goods. Find out about the various fields in which you can start a career, as well as vocational, collegiate, and university training programs.

Over the past few years, the « Pas de camions » marketing campaign visited every corner of Quebec to increase awareness about the problems affecting the trucking industry. Despite these efforts, Quebec’s trucking industry continues to deal with a shortage of skilled labour. Would you like to change things? There are plenty of different, thrilling jobs available to you! By working in the trucking industry, you can become an active participant in:

  • Increasing the competiveness of Quebec companies.
  • Improving the quality of life of every Quebec resident.

Without you… the shelves in our retail stores, grocery stores, and drug stores would be pretty empty! You can make a difference by joining a dynamic industry which never sleeps to ensure all your favorite products are delivered!

Here’s some stats you can relate to:

  • 10,000 road transport companies travelling all over Quebec’s beautiful roadways.
  • 90% of industry employees work year-round and full-time.
  • OVER 80% of industry employees hold permanent positions.

This industry is filled with possibilities. You’re sure to find a career which will get you excited! You can make a difference and your work will have a concrete impact on society.

There is a place for you in the trucking industry. Guaranteed.

Hop aboard!


The Road Ambassadors is a group of veteran truck drivers with perfect driving records.

  • They project an image of a credible and accessible trucking industry.
  • They speak competently of road safety.
  • They share their passion for driving and pass on their enthusiasm to those who are looking for a career.
  • They provide useful advice on road safety.
  • They remind everyone that the trucking industry is critical to our economy and our quality of life.
  • They talk about protecting the environment.

To arrange a free visit from one of our Road Ambassadors, please contact:

Mrs. Lise Gaulin
Phone: (514) 932-0377, extension 217



Camo-Route is Quebec’s Comité sectoriel de main d’œuvre de l’industrie du transport routier (road transport industry’s sectoral commitee). This commitee applies a collaborative approach between sectoral, regional, employment, transportation, and education partners. Through the commitee’s research, Camo-Route recommends solutions adapted to the labour needs of businesses and employees, as well as skills development.

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